Everyone expects this page, so I guess I’ll provide it.

The stuff you’re really looking for is:

Contact Info

Email: [first].[last] at live.com

Twitter: @arlobelshee

Employability: happily employed. Looking for marketing guy as co-founder for a few years down the line. Always open to excellent opportunities, but they do have to be excellent.

Current mission: fundamentally alter the power dynamic in corporations. Help business transition from organizing for cost control to organizing for innovation. Obsolete the role of CEO; transition to companies having Chief Culture Officers.

Real Agile means riding both dolphins. Rigorous Extreme Programming is the best by-the-book starting point.


The contact info would normally be followed by a self-aggrandizing statement about how awesome I am. We bloggers put those here to help us feel good. They provide no value to our readers. We rationalize it as “marketing.”

I think I’ll skip that bit. If you want to know more about me, read the blog. Or use the contact info.

And if you want to know about the dolphins, ask Grigori Melnick or Joshua Kerievsky.


I work at Industrial Logic. My blog does not. This blog represents my personal positions, and nothing more.

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