An Agility Index (of Goodness)

Someone at work today asked someone else for an Agility index / KPI. The one gave the other a link.

I followed the link. I was underwhelmed.

  • It measured practices, not outcomes.
  • It ignored engineering (the most important practices of all),
  • and learning (the second most important category).
  • It heavily stressed planning (only slightly less important than head cheese to a well-run software organization),
  • and management structure (mostly important in that it can really screw up an otherwise¬†good team).

I figured that I could come up with a metric¬†that’s at least as wrong Continue reading “An Agility Index (of Goodness)”

Quantifying Technical Debt

While talking with people at Agile Roots last year, someone asked me how to measure technical debt. I came up with a metric that, while highly susceptible to gaming, can be really handy for a team to use internally. Continue reading “Quantifying Technical Debt”