Agile vs Design

An overheard conversation at work got me thinking while I was headed home. I’ve now got to send some of those thoughts your way.

The one guy was arguing against agile on the basis that it “throws the baby out with the bathwater” with respect to design. Me made several statements. Some are true, some are partially true, and some are flat false. These statements are:

  • There is still a role for design when trying to release quickly (true).
  • Agile throws design out the window (mostly false).
  • Agile only works with 5 people, in one room (false).
  • Agile ships prototypes, not real code (false, but an easy misinterpretation from a true statement: agile teams always ship the simplest thing that could possibly give them the feedback they need).

Assuming the above represents his position, I would respond as follows. Continue reading “Agile vs Design”

Emotions vs. Logic. Round 1. Fight!

I was calmly reading stuff when someone said something wrong on the internet. I got angry. It touched a common nerve so I got angry out of all proportion. I decided to respond to my anger…by saying stupid stuff on the internet that others can use to make themselves angry.

What made me angry? In the talk about values, the author said the following:

We humans are inherently complex and, while logical thinkers, we are also led by our emotions and some inherent animalistic traits that can’t reasonably be overcome.

Bullshit! I am not logical! How dare you denigrate me so! (as I said, angry.) Continue reading “Emotions vs. Logic. Round 1. Fight!”