What makes a good test suite?

I was talking with Llewellyn Falco the other day (now many days back) about test suites. At some point, I asked him for his opinion to a not-so-simple question:

What are the characteristics of a good test suite?

He gave me a good answer. And that made me curious – how would other people answer this question? What commonalities and differences would emerge?

So I asked the same question to a bunch of people that I thought would give interesting answers. Here’s what they had to say.

I am also writing a blog enty where I talk about the commonalities and differences that I observed.

Is there someone who you wish was on this list? Email or tweet me with suggestions.

5 thoughts on “What makes a good test suite?”

  1. Further people to ask this question?

    A few people come to mind: Gojko Adzic, James Markus Bach, Jon Bach, Markus Gärtner, Liz Keogh, Rob Lambert

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